Monday, September 27, 2010

Featured Artist: Kathy from aangels

Kathy from aangels on Etsy is a fellow member of the Made In Vegas Etsy team.

Tell us a little about yourself, why you do what you do:
I learned crafts at a very young age of 10. My wonderful Grandmother, who I spent lots of time with, taught me knitting and crocheting and sewing. She was very crafty and in her day a school teacher also. I was so amazed at everything she did. She even had a newspaper article that was written about her. She did everything without taking a single class! So I picked up everything from knitting/crocheting and have done it over the years, I even worked at home doing some work for Lion Brand Yarns. I put some items on Etsy too.

pumpkin-pie-spice by AAngels
Throughout the years, I was involved with MLM companies which I was not 100% into it. I always thought why am I paying a middle man. One of them was candles. So I thought why not do it myself. I only wanted to do Soy. Thank God for the internet and research. I did lots of testing. So my passion started with knitting/crocheting and then candles. I have been making soy candles for about 7 years. From there I have made soy lotion.

Then went into soaps! You really have to keep on adding to a line to have the client have different options.

aangels-facial-sudz Your shop name AAngels Heavenly Sense, is interesting, is there a special meaning behind the name?
Wow! I met an Angel in my life who came to me, when things were down. That is my hubby!
I am also an avid reader of Angels books and love, love, angel items. A clairvoyant once told me, she sees Angels around us all the time and many around me. So when it came time to name my biz, I had to put Angels in their somewhere with AA's.

Tell me a little about your shop? Name, what you sell?
AAngels Heavenly Soy Sense is my DBA but everything else says AAngels Heavenly Sense.
I sell handmade Soy candles, botanical soaps and salves. Everything is with natural ingredients or botanicals. No dyes.

Why do you create?
I have a saying that I saw back in 1974 which reads, "The Reward of a Thing Well Done is to have done it!!”  Emerson. That has always stuck with me and it is in a frame in my office.
It is very rewarding to me.
What do you do for fun?
This is a tuff one, in my spare time , I love to knit/crochet I usually make blankets for Hospice. I love walking, swimming, movies, garden work.
Just recently this past March, I semi-retired from nails to focus on my business on line and local Craft Events. Been on Etsy 2 years but didn't really start with it till this past March. Etsy is a challenge. I am hoping one day to have this be my retirement, on line and local sales for myself, I don't have a retirement personally. 

I always say, just go for it, what do you have to loose???? You just never know.

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