Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet the Chix: Simply Catherine

Simply Catherine Logo Simply Catherine is one of the Chix. We met when she requested a gemstone chip strand from my supply shop. I didn't have any gemstone chips listed in my shop, but I did have quite a few and was able to fill her order. I love a customer who takes the initiative to ask for something they don't see in your shop.

She has just introduced a new line to her shop. Simplicity Bridal is a collection of affordable bridal accessories for the everyday bride on a budget. This line is designed because every bride should feel like royalty on her special day.

May I present, Simply Catherine.

1. Is there a special meaning behind the name Simply Catherine?
My sister described my creations as simple yet beautiful and elegant and from that Simply Catherine seemed a logical name for my little company
Illusions Double Strand by Simply Catherine
Illusions Double Strand
by Simply Catherine
2. What prompted you to open shop?
I am a stay at home Mom and caretaker to an 87 year old mother -in-law; I have been crafting lovely accessories for ladies for several years and decided that would be a great way to help support my family and do something I enjoy at the same time.

3. If you had the resources and time what would you do?
I would love to open a small shop and work with other artisans, crafting and promoting handcrafted treasures.
Diamond Weave Bridal Necklace in Silver and White by Simply Catherine
Diamond Weave Bridal Necklace in
Silver and White by Simply Catherine
4. Why do you create?
I have been crafting one thing or another my entire life, it is a natural extension of my personality.

5. If you could talk to anyone, past or present, who would you talk to and what would you say?
I would love to meet Jesus Christ; first I would thank you him for his sacrifice, and I would ask him to explain my purpose and my mission on this earth and ask for his help in accomplishing that task.

6. Can you share a funny or interesting experience that will give us an insight into you?
Ohh, wow, that's a tough one; I honestly don't know how I would define myself in those terms. I am basically a simple, lil' hillbilly gal from West Virginia who has always flown by the seat of her pants and landed where the wind blew her.

7. Explain Chix
Garter, Bridal,Beadwoven Crystal by Simply Catherine
Garter, Bridal,Beadwoven Crystal
by Simply Catherine

Chix, a group of like minded, creative, and talented women who share in one another's lives, professionally as well as personally, through caring, support, encouragement, and promotion of one another's endeavors, although we have never met face to face. 

You can find Simply Catherine here:
Merchant Circle
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