Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Curated by awoodworkingodyssey

My "Mandiye" Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet was featured in this wonderful collection curated by awoodworkingodyssey
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RAW - Right Angle Weaves Beads Into Wearable Pieces of Art - Curated by bluemorningexpressions

I love this collection featuring the versatility of RAW Right Angle Weave. Thank-you bluemorningexpressions for including my design with such great company.
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet the Chix: Karen Snyder’s O’Sebastian

Awareness Ribbon Ring by Karen Snyders OSebastianKaren Snyders OSebastian is the next one of the Chix I am going to introduce to you.  She's a fellow Texan and some of her designs are Awareness designs.
I didn't realize until I started researching for this interview that she has her own website, OSebastian
May I present, Karen Snyders OSebastian.

1. Is there a special meaning behind the name O. Sebastian?
Yes there is! I created my business just a few months after my son, Sebastian, was born. Since the whole reason for having my own business from home was to be able to be a full-time Mama to my children, it seemed appropriate to name it after him.
Sterling Silver Mothers Ring Family Ring by Karen Snyders OSebastian 
2. What prompted you to open shop?
I had been selling quite a bit to family and friends and kept being asked, "Where can I send my friends to find your work?"

3. If you had the resources and time what would you do?
I would create a NPO to connect hand made artists with charities that need their donations.
Sterling Silver Os Necklace and Nexus Pendant Bundle by Karen Snyders OSebastian 
4. Why do you create?
Because it is a necessary thing for me. I am at my worst when I can't be creative. I spent 15 years in corporate sales and learned that having a creative outlet is necessary to maintain my sanity!

5. If you could talk to anyone, past or present, who would you talk to and what would you say?
I wish I had a high-brow answer for this question, but I don't. I'd want to talk to Sam Elliott! I'd probably ask him all sorts of silly questions, but mainly I'd want to tell him how much I admire his work and his talent.
Sterling Silver Romanov Micro Maille ring by Karen Snyders OSebastian 
6. Explain Chix
To me, Chix is about women being supportive and encouraging to one another. In my corporate life, I found women to be antagonistic and competitive with one another - and rarely, if ever, supportive. That's one of the things I do not miss about that time. It isn't possible to always be up-beat and in great spirits. It isn't possible to always look at my own work objectively. The women of Chix always help me find the up side to whatever is going on - and they celebrate my victories with me, without jealousy or pettiness :)

You can find Karen Snyder’s OSebastian here:
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