Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cat Hair - I Hate It! – Awesome Solution

Smokie Eats Grass
Smokie eating the grass I grow for them
I love my little girls.  And contrary to popular opinion I do not spoil them.
Spaz Eats Grass
Spaz eating the grass.

So what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah!

Cat hair all over the place!  These girls shed so much that I can hardly pet them.  Especially with my allergies.  Any time I touch one of them I have to wash my hands right away or the eyes start itching and the sinuses start acting up.
Spaz want the chair 1 - Copy
Spaz tries to push me off the chair

They love shedding on my blankets.  I can’t even get all the hair out of the blankets in the wash.  I was surfing the internet looking for a way to remove the cat hair and I found the most awesome, fantabulous, easy and inexpensive way to do that.

Know what it is?
Spaz in Kitty Jail
Spaz is in Kitty Jail

Rubber gloves!  Like your Playtex gloves.  You put on the gloves and lay the blanket or other item and wipe the hair off with the gloves.  The hair sticks to the gloves.  You have to rinse them with water to get the hair off.   And the girls love it when I pet them with the gloves on. Click here to read more!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook Tutorial: How to Set Your Business Page Username

You have reached the magic number of people who like your page and you can now personalize your Facebook Page URL to a user-friendly URL.  That sounds easy until you realize that you don't know where to start.  This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary to change your Fan Page URL to a user-friendly URL.
First you need to decide on the name you want to use.  Remember that you can’t use spaces. Some people use the "." for their space and some use the "-" or you can just skip it altogether and use your business name as all one word.

Once you decide on a username, log on to Facebook.  Please remember to log on. And please don’t ask how I know to remind you.

Go to this url: Do NOT replace username with your Facebook username. You want to go to the page that Facebook calls "username".
FB Set Username for Page screen 1
This is the screen you should see.    See where it reads “Set a username for your Pages” near the bottom center of the page.  Click there.

FB Set Username for Page screen 2
Click on the drop down menu and you should see a list of the pages on your account.  Choose the page you would like rename.  **Be sure to choose the correct page.  Once you have assigned a name to your page, it can NOT be changed..

FB Set Username for Page screen 3
Type the username you want in the box to the right of the drop-down menu.

That is all there is to it.

I would like to thank my friends at Uncovered Artistry for the screen shots for this tutorial.

Please contact me if you have any questions or corrections. Click here to read more!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Artisans with Awareness: Uncovered Artistry

This is the first feature in a new series "Artisans with Awareness" featuring artisans that support awareness and/or causes by selling awareness items or donating a portion of their sales.  If you would like to be featured, please send me a 2 to 3 sentence bio and I will send you the interview questions.

Uncovered Artistry is a new online store started by Angie and Sarah that sells the work of domestic abuse survivors. This is their story:

Sarah and AngieUncovered Artistry Boutique started with one idea in mind: Peace.

During our winter break between the first and second semesters of our sophomore year of college, Sarah and I heard about an organization called Projects for Peace, which gave grants to college students to create peace-promoting projects. We began throwing around ideas for a project that would promote peace and in some capacity we wanted to empower women.
We knew how to make jewelry and we knew how to sell online. About a year prior, we had begun a small online Etsy store, selling jewelry and hairpieces. We decided to start an online boutique that sold the work of disadvantaged American women.

We discussed the subject with friends and family trying to decide who to help and how to help them. A professor at our college suggested that we help domestic abuse victims. Sarah and I knew very little about domestic abuse, but once we did our research we realized how many Americans were affected. 

According to the American Bar Association, approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. Survivors often have to leave their homes and possessions to escape from a violent partner. They often feel worthless and insecure because of the verbal abuse of someone who claims to love them.
Yarn Hairpiece sold by artisan Nigatsubebe
Yarn Hairpiece

Domestic abuse is a problem that needs to be exposed, while its victims need to be empowered. 

Uncovered Artistry Boutique sells the work of domestic abuse survivors of all genders, races, nationalities, and incomes. We strive to help domestic abuse survivors discover their "inner entrepreneur," empowering them both emotionally and financially. From this, we hope to promote peace in the lives of the artisans and our customers.

Today, Sarah and I hold meetings at our dining room table, enlist our little sisters as volunteers, and draft marketing campaigns while driving to work. Hopefully, we are making a difference in the lives of our artisans and in turn our customers, who can feel confident that their purchases have helped spread peace in America.

You can support Uncovered Artistry by following these links:
Uncovered Artistry
Shop Here

Yarn Hairpiece is sold by artisan Nigatsubebe.  You can see more of Nigatsubebe's work here:

"Healing" is a sculpture by Etsy artist The Midnight Orange.
You can see more of The Midnight Orange's work here:
and in her Etsy Shop The Midnight Orange

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


caturday surprize

It’s Caturday again.  In addition to the regular lolcats I am including pictures of the lolcats that live with me.

This is my Spaz.  She loves to hide inside boxes.  I couldn’t tell her that she was not hidden, I pretended not to see her and kept calling her name.  She hid for quite some time that day.
Spaz in Kitty Jail
This is my Smokie.  She is my love-sponge.  She loves to lay ON things.  Her favorite thing to lay on (or wear) is her poppa’s shoes.  She will lay on momma’s shoes, but she prefers poppa’s.

Smokie shoes

I have a video of Smokie that I Know can win me some good money.  She taught herself this trick.  If you sneeze, she will bless you.  It is the cutest thing.   Does anyone know where to submit the video?

On with Caturday!  

Tell me if you detect a theme to these:

bring me a shrubberyur momma was hamster

I fartz I shall taunt you I shall not tolerate such rubbish

Photos Courtesy of I Can Haz Cheezeburger

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