Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awareness Ribbon Beads Collection on ArtFire

I curated this collection to coincide with the addition of Awareness Ribbon Bead strands in my shop. Click here to read more!

Awareness Ribbon Beads–My Dream Comes True

I started making Awareness Ribbon Jewelry and found that I was not too fond of the price I was paying for the beads.  That’s because I am a bargain hunter and rarely pay full price for beads. 

I dreamed of being able to offer Awareness Ribbon Beads to my customers at prices significantly lower than the going price.  

Well, dreams do come true.  I am now purchasing my beads from the factory.
Last week I received this box
JPM order March 2012 1
and inside the big box were these little boxes
JPM order March 2012 3 
and inside the little boxes were these bags

JPM order March 2012 5 

and inside the bags were Awareness Ribbon Beads (one kilo of each color ribbon)
1 Kilo Pink Ribbon Beads 1
This is what they look like after I put them all on strands.
Awareness Strands White Bead 1
I have listed them in my ArtFire shop.  You can see them by clicking on this link: Cheryls Extra Beads Awareness Strands. Click here to read more!

Be Seen in Green Curated by shangrilacraft on ArtFire

Be Seen in Green Curated by shangrilacraft Click here to read more!