Saturday, February 27, 2010


Time for some of my favorite phrases from the movies.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Caturday!

I have been looking forward to Caturday all week!

I found these everyday things laying around:

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Facebook

Welcome to my new feature - Friday's Facebook.

This feature will concentrate on minor tips and setting changes to make your Facebook experience a little less stressful.  I am constantly changing the settings on the websites and networking sites that I frequent.  I realized a few days ago that not everyone knows how to do the minor tweaks when someone complained to me about all the email they got from Facebook. 

Your tip this week is how to turn off all the email notifications that you get from Facebook every time a friend of yours sneezes.

You have to be logged in to Facebook.  First, right click on the word "account" in the upper right of your screen.  You will get a drop-down menu.  choose "Account Settings".  On the next screen look at the tabs across the upper center of the page and click on "Notifications".

There is another way to get to that page.  Once you are logged in to Facebook just use this link:

You are taken to a page that lists every action that Facebook can send you an email or SMS notification for.  Simply go down the list and uncheck everything that you do NOT want to be notified of by Facebook.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Going On?

I am pretty sure that if you are following my blog you want to know what is going on.  I have not been posting as often as I like.  And what is with the actual blog page?  Why is it in funcky colors and changing all the time?  Here are some answers.

I am in the process of totally renovating my blog.   My home page was just too busy and that made it hard to focus on any specific thing.   I am also testing different themes and colors to see which will work the best with the other changes that I am making.

If you really like a color I have used or can't read because of the colors, please let me know in the comments.  I moderate all comments so I will be the only one to see them.  Unless it is a comment on the content of a post, then I do publish them.
There will be one page for Cheryls Purple Cow and another for My Extra Beads.  That  way if you want to see some of the items in my shops you can navigate to that  shops page. 

I will have a separate page for social networking badges and links.  I am still working out how I can put my Twitter feed and Facebook feed on that.

There is a page for Epilepsy Awareness.  I will have badges and links to Epilepsy Related Materials on that page.

The next page is the one that is giving me the most trouble. It is the Ribbon colors page.  I spend about an hour a day on my Awareness Ribbon Colors and Causes document.  I am trying to format it so that I can have the complete, legible document on this page.  That way anyone can look up the color ribbon for their particular cause.  I have finally been able to publish the document, but it is not legible.  I need to figure a way to format it so that it remains legible when I upload it to the storage site and then embed it in the blog page.

I am trying to devote at least an hour or two a day to this project but life does intrude.  Since last Monday I have had 2 doctors appointments, an EMG test of the nerves in my legs, an MRI of my brain and  a 24 hour sleep deprived EEG.  It takes about 3 days to get back on the sleep cycle after the EEG.  And for those who question whether or not I have a brain, I have pictures to prove that mine exists, do you?  LOL

OH, and last but not least, I am finally working on that blog giveaway.  It is going to be a collaboration with at least one more shop, maybe more.  I should have an announcement ready this weekend. Click here to read more!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Caturday!

I love my cats.  They provide so much humor in my life.  I would like to introduce you to them. 

This is Dulcie.  Her full name is Mi Duclie Corazon.  She is no longer living with us.  But she is the mother of the two that live with us now.
Spaz is the only survivor of her first litter.  And she comes by her name honestly.  She is my Spaztic Cat.  She loves to hide in the most obvious places. 

And this is my Smokie.  She used to live with Larry's son , Ken, but he left her for me to babysit while he went to visit his Mom for 2 weeks.  That was about 5 years ago, but it's not his fault that she lives with us.  I wouldn't let him take her home.

She likes to wear flip flops.  Smokie cares about comfort not style.  lol

This is one of my favorites from lolcats:

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Wonderful Way to Wake Up

I woke up this morning to find out that I was featured in a Treasury by a great friend from Texas, Gabeadz..  She makes the most beautiful rings.  My favorite is her Blue Turquoise Carved Rose:

Her Treasury is called "Browny Things".  Please show this Treasury some comment and click love, just click on the title then click on each picture in the Treasury and leave a comment.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Crystal Heart Necklace Is Featured On...

I want to say "Thank-You" to Beaded Tail.  She Featured my Crystal Heart Necklace on her blog article "Friday's Features".  My necklace is in such good company.  Here is one of the other pieces from that feature:

SALE Cherry Hearts - Red Coral and White Cat's Eye Heart Beaded Sterling Silver Earrings

by Beaded Tail

You can follow this link to see the rest of the feature:

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Friday, February 5, 2010

I love Trading

I belong to the Etsy Street Team The Trade-A-Holics.  I love being a part of that team.  If you don't know me, I am of German descent.  My Mother was born in Germany in 1932.  She grew up there during World War 2.  As a rule the Germans are generally frugal people.  I definitely fit that description.

I found a team that basically uses the barter system. We buy from each other's shops in equal amounts so when the transaction is complete, I have what I want, the other person has what they want, Etsy has collected the fees so Etsy has what it wants.  And all I paid for the purchases I made is the postage to mail the other sellers items to them.

To me, it's a Win-Win situation.  I have the opportunity to try items from other sellers that I would not normally purchase.

When the team has a Trade N' Stay event it is usually a 4 day event.  It starts with 10 or 15 randomly chosen shops on the list. when you make a trade with someone on the list, your shops get listed.  But, get this, no one gets taken off the list.  That's why it is called a Trade N' Stay.  Once you are on the list, everyone who wants on the list will be trying to work out a trade with you.  and you do NOT hove to be a member of the team to participate. 

It is an energetic, exhausting, confusing at times, greatest weekend you ever had.  And just when you start coming down from the "high" of all the good deals you made, the packages start arriving.

I refer to the items I ordered as my "Treasure".  Look at the Treasure that I hauled in this time:

I got this from  She calls it a wireless heating pad.  I call it a Boo-Boo Bag.  It is custom made and it works like a dream.  I will be getting another on on the next TNS

Another good trade that I made was with Uneek4U.  I needed earring and bracelet cards for my finished products as well as thank-You cards for my customers.  i just didn't want to buy any.  So Ididn't buy them I traded for them.

Look at a ll these cards I got:

I don't know how many cards I got from but it was a bunch. Iam so happy that I finally have thank-You cards and cards for my earrings and bracelets.

Those first two trades were for things that I needed.  This last trade was for Swarovski Crystals.  i traded with Atomic Crystals and look at these crystals.  I think I just found me a new best friend.   this is how they came packaged.  Isn't that cute!

These are the crystals that I  got:

I can't wait for the next TNS Event.  It is scheduled for March 26th thru the 29th.

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