Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Facebook

Welcome to my new feature - Friday's Facebook.

This feature will concentrate on minor tips and setting changes to make your Facebook experience a little less stressful.  I am constantly changing the settings on the websites and networking sites that I frequent.  I realized a few days ago that not everyone knows how to do the minor tweaks when someone complained to me about all the email they got from Facebook. 

Your tip this week is how to turn off all the email notifications that you get from Facebook every time a friend of yours sneezes.

You have to be logged in to Facebook.  First, right click on the word "account" in the upper right of your screen.  You will get a drop-down menu.  choose "Account Settings".  On the next screen look at the tabs across the upper center of the page and click on "Notifications".

There is another way to get to that page.  Once you are logged in to Facebook just use this link:

You are taken to a page that lists every action that Facebook can send you an email or SMS notification for.  Simply go down the list and uncheck everything that you do NOT want to be notified of by Facebook.

It is that simple.

1 comment:

Finding Charm said...

Thanks! I've thought about doing that, turning off some notifications. Crazy to wake up to tons of emails, especially with Link Love that you're already fans of.