Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awareness Ribbon Beads–My Dream Comes True

I started making Awareness Ribbon Jewelry and found that I was not too fond of the price I was paying for the beads.  That’s because I am a bargain hunter and rarely pay full price for beads. 

I dreamed of being able to offer Awareness Ribbon Beads to my customers at prices significantly lower than the going price.  

Well, dreams do come true.  I am now purchasing my beads from the factory.
Last week I received this box
JPM order March 2012 1
and inside the big box were these little boxes
JPM order March 2012 3 
and inside the little boxes were these bags

JPM order March 2012 5 

and inside the bags were Awareness Ribbon Beads (one kilo of each color ribbon)
1 Kilo Pink Ribbon Beads 1
This is what they look like after I put them all on strands.
Awareness Strands White Bead 1
I have listed them in my ArtFire shop.  You can see them by clicking on this link: Cheryls Extra Beads Awareness Strands.

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