Saturday, August 7, 2010


caturday surprize

It’s Caturday again.  In addition to the regular lolcats I am including pictures of the lolcats that live with me.

This is my Spaz.  She loves to hide inside boxes.  I couldn’t tell her that she was not hidden, I pretended not to see her and kept calling her name.  She hid for quite some time that day.
Spaz in Kitty Jail
This is my Smokie.  She is my love-sponge.  She loves to lay ON things.  Her favorite thing to lay on (or wear) is her poppa’s shoes.  She will lay on momma’s shoes, but she prefers poppa’s.

Smokie shoes

I have a video of Smokie that I Know can win me some good money.  She taught herself this trick.  If you sneeze, she will bless you.  It is the cutest thing.   Does anyone know where to submit the video?

On with Caturday!  

Tell me if you detect a theme to these:

bring me a shrubberyur momma was hamster

I fartz I shall taunt you I shall not tolerate such rubbish

Photos Courtesy of I Can Haz Cheezeburger

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