Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cat Hair - I Hate It! – Awesome Solution

Smokie Eats Grass
Smokie eating the grass I grow for them
I love my little girls.  And contrary to popular opinion I do not spoil them.
Spaz Eats Grass
Spaz eating the grass.

So what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah!

Cat hair all over the place!  These girls shed so much that I can hardly pet them.  Especially with my allergies.  Any time I touch one of them I have to wash my hands right away or the eyes start itching and the sinuses start acting up.
Spaz want the chair 1 - Copy
Spaz tries to push me off the chair

They love shedding on my blankets.  I can’t even get all the hair out of the blankets in the wash.  I was surfing the internet looking for a way to remove the cat hair and I found the most awesome, fantabulous, easy and inexpensive way to do that.

Know what it is?
Spaz in Kitty Jail
Spaz is in Kitty Jail

Rubber gloves!  Like your Playtex gloves.  You put on the gloves and lay the blanket or other item and wipe the hair off with the gloves.  The hair sticks to the gloves.  You have to rinse them with water to get the hair off.   And the girls love it when I pet them with the gloves on.


Just Married with Coupons said...

What a great tip!

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Have a great week!

HIDE A HEART said...

Speaking of ways to use rubber gloves, years ago when my youngest son was an infant I read the 'boat people' brought influenza to which American infants had no immunity. I mentioned to my husband that I thought we should start grocery shopping wearing rubber gloves to avoid infection. He went ballistic...his way of doing so is to do the equivalent of what I fondly refer to as a 'duck walk' and then make statements like, "no wife of mine is going to wear PINK rubber gloves while grocery shopping!" The next Sunday he was washing the breakfast dishes and wearing MY Pink Rubber gloves, which are too small for his hands. So when he asked for help to get the gloves off, I suggested he do the grocery shopping since he was already prepared and then promptly left the room!