Thursday, February 24, 2011

Czech Fire Polished Sale

Ruby Jonquil 2-Tone 4mm

Cheryls Extra Beads on ArtFire is having a sale on Czech Fire Polished Faceted Rounds.

Chakra Colors 4mm

The Chakra sets include either 10 or 25 each of the 7 Chakra colors: Amethyst, Cobalt, Sapphire, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and are on sale for 30% off the regular price.

All the rest of the 3mm, 4mm and 6mm faceted rounds are 40% off. That's a great price!

Remember that you get a free gift with your purchase.

Blue Lined Lt Topaz 3mm

3mm 50 beads 1.90 sale price 1.15
3mm 50 beads 2.15 sale price 1.30
4mm 50 beads 2.50 sale price 1.50
4mm 50 beads 2.75 sale price 1.65
4mm 50 beads 2.95 sale price 1.75
6mm 25 beads 2.00 sale price 1.20
6mm 25 beads 2.25 sale price 1.35

I am still listing so if you are looking for a specific color that is not listed, contact me and I will let you know if I will be listing that color.

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