Monday, December 14, 2009

It IS Worth It!

It is difficult at times to keep your spirits up when you sell your creations.  There are so many little things that can bring you down.  

I don't know about everyone else but the actual creative process can get very frustrating.  There are many times where I just can't get the materials to do what I envision in my mind.  Or maybe I daydream while I am making something and have to go back and correct boo-boos.  Then there are the times when I get "writers block".   All the ideas just seem to leave my brain and I can't put 3 beads on the same string.

Once a piece is finished it can't be listed in the shop until I get good photographs.  Now there is a chore.  Jewelry is very difficult to photograph.  I have taken as many as 50 pictures of an item before I get a half-way presentable picture.

Now the item is listed and the wait is on.  Every day without a sale feels like a week.  You begin to question your creations, your photographs, your descriptions.  Sometimes it gets to the point that you question your ability.  I have even come close to closing my shop on two separate occasions..  

Both times, within a week of making the decision, I ended up having a great sales day.  The first time I sold a bracelet, realized I needed a bubble envelope and while I was at the store, I sold a pair of earrings.  Yeah!!! Happy Days!!

The second time I decided to close my shop was last Friday.  Today I sold a bracelet early in the day.  It is one of my favorite designs.  Then late this afternoon I sold 2 pair of earrings and a bracelet to one customer.  

You can't buy this feeling. But I sure wish I could bottle it and save it for those frustrating times. 

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