Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interview with Artisan Original

Cobalt and Copper Necklace and Earrings Set by Artisan Originals
I have met many wonderful people on the internet since I opened my Etsy shop.  One person that stands out is Valerie from Artisan Original on Etsy.  I met Valerie on Twitter late one evening, I was bored and joined in a conversation with her and a few of her friends.  We have been friends ever since.

I love to see the jewelry that she makes.  The Cobalt and Copper Necklace Set is one of my favorites.  Cobalt is such a beautiful color and the way she combined it with the copper is outstanding.

In addition to making beautiful jewelry Valerie is also a great photographer.  The Blush Rose 5 x 7 Print shown below is in her shop.

 And now for the interview:

Blush Rose 5x7 Print by Artisan Originals
1.  I noticed that your username on Etsy is Elderarc.  Is there a special meaning or story behind the name ElderArc?

ElderArc is an online persona I created before I started making jewelry.  It is my username on Deviantart.com.  I play an online MMORPG game called Final Fantasy XI and my character's name is Arctic.  My linkshell (or guild or group) on that game was called Elders of Fenrir.  Nearly everyone I know online calls me 'Arc' and to commemorate my linkshell group and because I'm older than most gamers, I took the persona of ElderArc.  I made my Etsy shop to tie to my Deviantart persona before I decided upon a business name.  My family thought ElderArc as a business name sounded 'stupid'.

2.  What prompted you to open up your first shop?

Some of my Deviantart friends had Etsy shops and it seemed like a neat thing to do.  I didn't start out seriously thinking of running a business.  It just sort of evolved that way.

3.  If you had the resources and time what would you like to learn to make?

If I had the money and time I'd love to learn metalsmithing or glassmaking.  I'd love to have a kiln and the whole workshop setup with torches and hammers and big old anvils and racks of glass and precious metals to work with!

Blush Floral Earrings by Artisan Originals
4.  Why do you create?

I create because if I didn't I would probably explode! I've always had a drive to make things. I've crafted from childhood.  I constantly have new ideas that I have to get out.  I write ideas down in a little notebook and make them when I have time.  Even watching a movie I look at the things people are wearing and wonder if I can make them.  It's just a drive that I have..the need to create.

5.  Share a funny or interesting experience that will give us an insight into you.

The only funny thing I can think of at the moment is my adventure at the flea market this weekend.  I wrote a blog post about it, Adventures in No Man's Land.

6.  If you could talk to anyone, past or present, who would you talk to and what would you say?

I would want to meet one of my favorite authors, Robert Jordan.  He died last year and his series of books, the Wheel of Time, was unfinished.  He chose an author to finish his books because he knew he was dying but his planned offshoots of his series based on supporting characters never came to fruition and never will.  I'd love to comb his mind.  He must have been so interesting to know!  What a creative spirit!  I mourn the loss of those offshoot books because I would have read them!
Purple Crystal Sphere Necklace - Diadem by Artisan Originals

7.  Is there anything you can add?

Well, based upon my previous answer you can probably guess that I'm an obsessive reader.  I adore books and tend to buy by author.  If I like a book, I buy up everything by that author... I don't read skinny books.  I love epic stories that take up volumes and volumes!  Some of Jordan's books top 1000 pages and his series is (currently) 13+ books long.  I have a home library and if I lived in a perfect world, I would create and read every single day.

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Artisan Originals said...


Thank you so much for your feature and your kind words! I'm so honored to be counted among your friends.


Waterrose said...

Great interview and great to get to know more about you. I use to love to play RPGs, long ago...The Bards Tale...but found I was staring at my computer screen way to much.... now I tweet...lol

waterwaif said...

Great interview!
Thanks for sharing Artisan Original with us.

FruitsOFtheBLooM.etsy.com said...

Hooray, great interview, Cheryl! ElderArc, Artisan Originals jewelry is amazing...she deserves to be featured! ;o)