Sunday, April 11, 2010

Professional Tips: Your Sites and Links

Trendy Purple Bracelet by WanderlustBling
The way your website, shop, Fan Page or any page that you personalize looks and performs is a direct reflection on your business. In a Treasury Tutorial: How to Prepare Your Item For Treasuries part 3 I suggested that you view your shop as a potential customer. You need to do this for every page or site that you personalize.

Visit all your pages, websites, shops, etc and pretend you are a potential customer. Click on all the links, pictures, anything you can click on, if it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for your customer.

Hearts and Flowers Earrings by Zur Designs

Brick and Mortar shop owners do this all the time. When setting up a display, they will step back and try to see what it looks like to a potential customer.

If they post a sign indicating what direction to go for a certain product, the owner makes sure the arrow points the right way. Your link is a sign that directs a potential customer to where the item, information, etc is supposed to be. All it takes is a moment for you to click on the link to make sure that it works properly.

I would like some input from my readers.  How would you answer these questions:

Question:  What action do you take when you are in an Etsy shop or on a blog and you notice something like a link that does not work properly? 

My Answer: I notify the shop or blog owner.  If I see the problem with the link I provide that information also. In my opinion, this is just professional courtesy.

Question: If I notice something in YOUR shop or blog like a link that doesn't work properly, do you want to know? 

My Answer: I sincerely hope that you will. 

I am preparing my next tutorial on how to change the background of your blog to a picture.  I should post it within the next day or two.

I am always looking for topics for my Tutorial and Tips series.  If you have any suggestions, please comment.  I will feature your items in the tutorial if I use your topic. 

I used pictures of items from the following Etsy shops in this post:

Zur Designs

Please click on the pictures of the items to be taken to  the listing page.
Click on the shop name to be taken to the shop.

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