Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Morning!

It has been hot outside. I feel like I will never catch up on all the listing I need to do. And there were about 30 other things to complain about yesterday. But that was yesterday. Here is today's story.

I woke up late this morning, kinda tired and kinda bored. I have been working on re-organizing my craft room. the first thing I did today was move my computer in there. I finally turned on the computer about an hour or so ago. Did a couple of things, then checked my shops. WOW!! I couldn't believe it!

Click here to

My largest sale ever in my supply shop both in number of items and in invoice total.

It's all because I recently joined a brand new team here in Vegas. Can you believe that with the size of this city, there was no Etsy team? Within one month the membership of this team is over 180 Etsy shops. So far everyone is extremely enthusiastic. But I digress. Back to my Good Morning.

Fellow "MadeInVegas" teammate Velma of designsbyv was the culprit behind this purchase. Being the nosey person that I am, I just had to check out her shop.  I have to say again WOW!

Yellow Rose Hair Comb by designsbyv

You know that my favorite is the Yellow Rose Hair Comb.  I am a native Texan and nothing warms my heart like yellow roses.  It makes me wish that I had long enough hair to use it.  The flower looks velvety.  Is that a word, velvety?

Lace and Rose Choker by designsbyv

I love this Lace and Rose Choker.  It is so classy,  She also has the same choker with a white rose.  Methinks she likes roses.

Black Tie Garter by designsbyv

Another classy item is this Black Tie Garter.  I fell in love with it.  And what is that I spy in the background.  Yellow Roses?

Vintage Style Cameo Pendant by designsbyv

I promise that I tried to limit myself to 3 items, but I couldn't.  I have to include this gorgeous
Vintage Style Cameo Pendant

Click here to visit designsbyv on Etsy .If you want to see the listing for any of these items, just click on the item name for the link.


Kathy said...

Very nice article!


Designs by v said...

oh my, i am blushing! thank you so much. i even got a sale out of this blog, my purple cameo is on its way to our very own Flakyfriend
i will certainly return the favor when time permits.
you have such wonderful items, how could i not make a purchase or 2 or...well you get my drift.
you totally rocked it and i appreciate it so much. i'll certainly be back to
I'll send you a photo or two of the items i make with your fabulous supplies.

Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

Love the yellow roses too!