Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycling Part 2

Last month I published an article about my adventures in recycling titled "I Talk About Recycling But...". Since then I have learned or remembered a few new things.

I had decided to print both addresses on paper and tape the paper to the front of each envelope. That way it would be easy to remove the addresses and re-use the label. I don't know, but it just looked tacky to me.

Lace Nativity Ornaments Set by recycledyoyos

I remembered at one of my jobs we sent inter-office mail to many places all over the state of Washington. The way we re-used these envelopes was to apply clear packing tape to the envelope where the label would go. 

That made it real easy to remove the label and re-use the envelope.

I also save packing materials (peanuts, bubblewrap, etc) from my packages to re-use when I pack an order.

Amethyst and Green Serpentine Necklace by TheGemmedGiraffe

There are so many little things we can do to recycle and re-use items for our business. Not only does it help environmentally, but it saves money too.


What are your little tips and/or tricks?

I would like to thank fellow ArtFire Texas Team Members
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