Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Talk About Recycling But…

I try to be conscientious about recycling and reusing anything I can.  It is good for our Earth.  And it saves me money too.  Awareness and Money, my 2 favorite subjects.
Chakra rainbow colored wire wrapped earrings - Rain by Artisan Originals
Even though I try, every once in a while I realize that I have a DUH! moment.  I was packaging orders for mailing and intended to re-use some bubble envelopes that I received my orders in.  I couldn’t re-use them because the hand-written addresses covered most of the face of the envelope.  On others the mailing labels used were larger than the ones I intended to use.  When I tried to take them off, the face of the envelope came with them.

I have always attached my labels to the outside using the adhesive.  So much for thinking I was helping by re-using envelopes.  Mine can’t be re-used either.

Monets Fall Garden Ruffle Headband Set by Fruits of the Bloom Only one envelope could be re-used.  This one was addressed using a label that had not been attached using its own adhesive.  It was taped around the border.  All I had to do was cut around the edge of the “label” and I had a blank envelope. 

From now on, I will be saving money and being environmentally conscious.  I will print both the mailing and return address on a sheet of printing paper and attach it to the envelope using tape.  Now my envelopes can be re-used too.

This was so obvious that I couldn’t see it.  I would love to hear any little tricks that you employ to be frugal and environmentally conscientious. 

I thank Artisan Originals and Fruits of the Bloom for the use of their pictures.  Please visit their shops using the links I have provided.

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Thanks so much for the feature, Cheryl! And the eco-tips!