Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial: Open Link In A New Page

I enjoy personalizing my blog and my blog posts as much as possible.  I also like to provide my readers with a link to shops, blogs or other pages that I reference. 

Sometimes when you click on a link, it opens on the page you are on and in order to finish your reading you have to go back to the page.  Sometimes clicking on a link will open the link in another window or page.  Then as a reader you don’t have to worry about finding the original page again. 

There is a downside for the blog or site owner if a link opens on the same page, there is always a chance that the reader won’t get back to your site. 

What causes the link to open in a new page or the same page?  The difference is in the way you write the link. 

This is the address for my blog: “ http://www.blogspot.com/CherylsPurpleCow

The code opening the link in the same window looks like  this:

All you have to do is add this snippet of code right between the w and the :                   “target="_blank

The link now looks like this:

It is that easy!

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