Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ArtFire Tutorial: Personalize the Collection Widget Search Link

This is the first of my new tutorial series "ArtFire". I am just learning how to do the things I need to do on ArtFire the way that I want to do them.

I love the ArtFire Collection Widget. It is so easy to embed a Collection on my blog.

Have you ever noticed the link at the bottom of your Collection widget?  It is at the bottom in the center of the picture.   This one reads "Handmade Gifts" and clicking the link will take you to an ArtFire search for "Gifts". 

I like to personalize the collection widget before I post it.

This collection happened to be a Texas ArtFire Guild collection and I prefer to have the link bring up a search of Texas ArtFire Guild Members items.

Instead of pasting the code directly to my blog post I paste it first to a NotePad document.  Don't try to use a Word document because it will really mess things up.

This is what the last line of the original code for my collection widget looks like:

This is another example of what the last line of your widget code could look like:

All I need to do is replace the original search information:  modules.php?name=gift_hub
with the url from a search for term I want to use which is:

I also want to change the link title to display More Selections from Texas ArtFire Guild.  So I need to replace the words:
Handmade Gifts
More Selections from Texas ArtFire Guild

This is what the code looks like after I made my corrections:

And this is what the footer of the collection looks like.

If you want to see the link in action, check out my blog post "God Blessed Texas Collection".

If you have a tutorial suggestion on a coding related topic, please send it to me or just comment on this post.

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Finding Charm said...

Thanks for the tip! I have yet to make a collection. I really need to.