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Guest Blogger Susan Pfeifer: Author and Artisan

I am honored to have a guest blogger today.  Susan of SMJ Gifts first came to my attention because she makes Awareness Jewelry.  I just found out that she wrote And Published a book.
120This choker with two unicorns is the first piece in  her "Starlight" jewelry   collection.  It is available on Etsy and at SMJ Gifts.

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce Susan, my first guest blogger.

First, I would like to thank Cheryl for the opportunity that she has allowed me to add my book info with all her readers, Thanks!

I have always been interested in writing since I was a very small child.  At the age of two I was copying the words from my story books even before I could read them!  As I got older and had to write for high school English class and then college English classes, I was always drawn to children's stories. 
jpeg002 I originally wrote this story in 1984 and tried, unsuccessfully, to get it published by sending it out to publishing houses and always getting the dreaded form letter that basically said nice story, no thank you.  Until one publishing house actually helped me by letting me know that they normally don't work with an unknown author and the best way to get my story published was to get a literary agent.

At the time it was easier said than done, so I put the story away.  My mom always told me the day would come when it would all become real and continued to encourage me. 
So a few years ago I was going through some files I had put away and re-discovered my manuscript and thought about what my mom had told me.  So I went to my computer and started searching for 'literary agents' and found one who did everything online.  This was great news and I sent an email to inquire how to go about it.  I had dreaded the thought that I would have to travel, which wasn't an option for me, and was happy when I received an email back that they would like to see my manuscript and decide if there was potential.  They wanted to represent me and work with me to publish my manuscript!

jpeg003 It's been a long and educational process to get to the published part and now that I am officially a 'published author' the work doesn't stop, it continues!  It's now getting the word out and having the book sold.  I now have a marketing coach to help with the next steps and I have been getting the word out already.  I posted on Twitter, Facebook, emails, Christmas cards to family and friends(making copies of my press release and putting them in the cards!), sending calendars to our SMJ Gifts customers(with the press release) and handing out copies of the PR to everyone else I know.  And now on Cheryl's blog!  Much Appreciated!

I hope after reading this and the PR you will be interested enough to purchase "Starlight".  I have always been a day dreamer, as was my mom, and I want children to read interesting books and to use their own imaginations.  They have so much tech thrown at them that they need some time just to be children.  My mom passed away in 1990 and never got to enjoy this success with me in person, but in spirit, she is happy to know that I didn't let go of my dream and is enjoying this as much as I am.

“STARLIGHT” by Susan Marie Pfeifer

Starlight Book Cover Where can children make friends with a unicorn and talking goldfish, as well as see dolls come to life? In daydreams, of course!

Ashley is a 7-year-old who just loves to daydream. She goes on wondrous adventures with Whitney, her lookalike cloth doll, and her guide is a beautiful white unicorn named Starlight. As her imagination soars, each character Ashley encounters teaches her something new about herself that will stay with her, even when her daydreams are over.

Suddenly, Ashley hears her mother’s voice calling her. It’s time to wake up! Join Ashley on her exciting journeys – where the possibilities are endless – and you may even meet a unicorn in this whimsical new children’s book.

STARLIGHT (ISBN: 9781609117023) is available for $14 and can be ordered through these sites:

Strategic Publishing Group
Barnes and Noble

Wholesalers please email
About the Author: Susan Marie Pfeifer lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Her goal in writing Starlight is to share her love for books and reading with children. She is currently working on the next book in the Starlight series.
Susan’s sites:
Author Page
SMJ Gifts
SMJ Gifts on Etsy

Strategic Book Group
P.O. Box 333
Durham, CT 06422


Susan Marie Pfeifer said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your guest blogger. I truly want youngsters to read actual books and gain knowledge in a fun way. I do hope your readers will stop by my links to buy a copy. I have more info on my blog. Thanks again!
Susan Marie Pfeifer

Susan Marie Pfeifer said...

Update to my comment:

1. If you click my name it will redirect to my blog, and blog is at:


Susan Marie Pfeifer

Finding Charm said...

Congrats on your success of getting published. What a feather in your cap!