Monday, November 9, 2009

I Won!!

I would like you to pretend that I posted this a week ago. I have been so busy trying (not necessarily succeeding) to get everything done. I finally took pictures so that I could share my gifts with you. So please pretend that I posted this last week.

I would like to thank Etsy Stalkers and Meant 2b Cherished Jewelry as well as StellaPearl for making this blog post happen.

I am a person who never wins the door prize. I just don't. I entered 2 blog giveaways in October and promptly forgot about them. I knew I wasn't going to win. They fooled me. I won both giveaways.

I won on the Etsy Stalkers blog giveaway. You just have to see this chainmaille bracelet from Meant 2b Cherished Jewelry

I love it. there are so many colors in the bracelet that I can wear it with anything, even my T-shirt from the National Epilepsy Walk last year. You knew that I would mention Epilepsy in my blog.

I also won a gorgeous Chrysanthemum hairpin from StellaPearl

The box it came in was so cool. I took pictures of the whole opening the box process for you.

That was fun!!

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