Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Customer Appreciation Photo

I received my first customer appreciation photo today in My Extra Beads feedback. When a customer leaves feedback on a transaction, they have the option to add a photo that includes the item they purchased. I really enjoyed seeing the necklace that was created using beads from my shop. Isn’t this beautiful?

I contacted my customer to find out if she minded me including the picture in this article. I found out that she also has a shop on Etsy, Andy’s Treasures.

I am by nature a curious person and I love to see what everyone is selling so I just had to go look at her Etsy shop. There are several items in the shop that really intrigued me.

I really like these Blue Moon Earrings. The thing that comes to mind when I see them is that "Once in a Blue Moon" usually refers to something good that doesn't happen very often.

Here is an excerpt from the shop policies:

“I use all kinds of materials, as I am always coming up with new ideas. I work very hard to make sure that my designs are different, interesting and pretty. I love to make simple designs, but I venture out occasionally as you will see. I also take pride in providing high quality and durable products.”

Another design that I really like is this pair of Bright Spring Earrings. The colors used in these earrings remind me of Spring.

I enjoyed looking at the designs in this shop, they are unique and innovative. You ought to check out Andy’s Treasures too.

I enjoyed receiving the Customer Appreciation Photo so much that I have been excited about it all day. 

I plan to encourage more customers to send in photos of the designs they create using my beads by posting those pictures on this blog for all my followers to enjoy.


Waterrose said...

What a nice thing for a customer to do. I think I will drop a note when I send my customer their purchases...maybe I'll get some photo's too.

Cheryls Purple Cow said...

I am going to start sending pictures to the shops I buy from too. I felt so special when I got the picture.