Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tutorial: How to Set Up a FaceBook Store Front

There is a new application that allows you to have a store front on your Facebook page.  I installed the application on my Fan page.  It is easy to use, once you set it up. The initial installation can be a little confusing.
You can check out my Store Front on Cheryls Purple Cow Fan Page.
Here is a list of things to have ready:
  • Email account you want to use for this application
  • Your PayPal account username
  • Your Store Name
  • A brief set of store policies
  • Your Facebook Fan Page
You must have a Facebook "Fan" page to install the "Shop Now" tab.  Please refer to my tutorial "How to Create a Facebook Fan Page" if you need help creating your Fan Page.
Sign in to Facebook and go to the "Payvment" Fan Page.
FB Storefront 1st ScreenYou may choose to "Like" this page if you want, but it isn't required.  Click on "Go to Application" and you will go directly to a screen that asks if you want to allow this application to have access to your information.  If you want to install the application you must choose "Allow". Note: If you click on install tab on the first page you will be taken to another screen where you click to install the application, adding a step.  FB Storefront screen 2 allow access Once you allow access you are taken to this screen:FB Storefront 3rd Screen  In order to fill in the payvment secret Key you will need to click on payvment dashboard.  The link is right under the box for the secret key.  The link will take you to the payvment registration screen.  FB Storefront payvment login Click on Register Now.  Fill out the registration form on the next screen.  Once you fill out the registration you will need to check your email for the activation code. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.  You will be taken to the login screen.  Login to your account.The next screen will have your API key and your Secret Key listed.  You will need this Secret Key in a few minutes.FB Storefront 4th Screen keysFrom here you can click on the “Account” tab.  On the next screen click on Retailer Settings to be taken to this screen.  FB Storefront 5th Retailer settingsYou will need to fill in your retailer settings on this screen:

  • Your PayPal username is the email address you use for PayPal
  • Name of your storefront
  • Email address that you are going to use
  • Information concerning your store policies.

Go back to Facebook and paste the secret key into this box.  Fill in the rest of the information and click save.  You have just created your storefront.  The next screen is the dashboard:Facebook Storefront Created Click on Attach to Facebook page.  You will be asked to verify that you want to add it.  When you do you are taken to your Fan page.  Click on the “+” tab and click on the “shop now” icon from the drop-down menu.  You have just added the “Shop Now” tab to your page.  If you click on that, you will see a “coming soon” announcement. Facebook Store Front coming soon Click on Initialize  The button changes to “Go To Store Settings”  click on that.  This is what the next screen looks like:FB Storefront Turn on store Click on turn store on then click on Yes launch it.  Now you can go to your Facebook page and click on the shop now tab  

This tutorial has taken you through adding the application and the tab to your Fan Page.  I will be working on a tutorial for adding items and other things you can do with your store front.  Look for it soon!

If you use this tutorial and you find errors or omissions, please contact me so that I can make corrections.  If you have any suggestions please contact me with those too.


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Thanks for the help!!

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Great instructions! Thanks again for putting this together!

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Thanks so much!! now how do I add items to it?