Friday, September 16, 2011

ArtFire Tutorial: Items in More Than One Section Widget

If you use sections in your studio do you ever wish you could have an item in the section with like items AND have it in a special section such as a sale section.

ArtFire studios are set up so each item can only be listed in one section. I ran into a problem in my supply shop, Cheryls Extra Beads, with this limitation. I like to have a section for new listings so my customers can easily view my newest listings. The drawback is that those items don't appear in the section with the rest of the items just like them.

The way to work around the limitation is to make your own "Additional Sections" widget.  You can see my widget in my studio, Cheryls Extra Beads.

First identify the new section(s) you want to set up, I’ll use "New Listings" for this tutorial.

Create a graphic to represent the section using whatever program you like. The graphic should be no more than 150 pixels wide and about half that tall. You will also need a graphic for the title "Additional Shop Sections".

Addl Shop Sections Image
New Listings Button

Upload the graphics to Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket. Copy the link to the image, you will need that later.
Create a unique tag to use on the items that should appear in this section. I used "newlisting". Tag the items.
Go to your studio and type your tag in the search box and make sure the drop down menu reads “Search
This Shop”. Copy the url address of the search from your browser.  Don’t worry if none of your items show up right away, it can take 15 to 30 minutes for an item to show up in the search once you have tagged it.

Once you have the link to your graphics and the link to your search, you are ready to create your widget.
Part 1 of the widget is the title.  This does not link to a search so all you need to do is replace the image source (green text) with the link to your image.
<li><img src="" height="58" width="144" /></li>
Part 2 of the widget is your new section.  Here you will need to replace the link (blue text) with the url address for the appropriate search.  Then replace the image source (green text) with the link to your image. 
<li><a href=""><img src="" height="48" width="144" /></a></li>
You will need to repeat Part 2 for each of your new sections.
My widget has the following special sections: New Listings, Bargains, Clearance and Dollar Listings.
After I had the widget in place I decided to have a BOGO sale and it was real easy to add that section.  Just repeat Part 2 for the new section and add it to the bottom of the widget already in your shop.
I welcome any questions or comments you have regarding this tutorial or any comments or suggestions regarding the widget in my shop.  I moderate all comments so if you don’t want your comment published please let me know.


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