Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outsmarting Myself Revisited

OK, by now you know that I get great ideas. Awseome ideas. Some of my ideas are even too smart for me. I do "outsmart" myself more often than most people.

You need some background about me and my katz. I love my katz. I try to make their life as pleasant as possible. Until we moved to Vegas in October of 2006, we always lived in a house with a yard. The katz like to be outside. We live in a small apartment and the katz are now indoor katz. They don't like it. They miss the grass.

Grass is good for cats. It helps their tummy. So I buy those little grass packs at the pet shop for my katz. They only last a couple of weeks but during that time the 2 katz are in heaven. Smokie (she's the black one if you look at my pictures) will even lay down next to the grass and I think she is pretending to be outside.

OH, yeah, this is supposed to be about outsmarting myself. 'I got smart and decided not to buy those little kits from the pet store anymore. I went to a nursery to buy some grass seed. And I did. The helpful lady explained to me that I would not be able to use potting soil for the grass. I needed top soil, so I got some of that too. I bought the smallest amout of each that I could and spent around $10.00. Do you see yet where this is going? Remember, I live in a small apartment.

The grass seed says that there is enough seed to cover 225 square feet in grass. The container that I am growing it in is 12 inches by 6 inches. So, I guess I can do it about 450 times. And the top soil, I now have 3 cubic feet of topsoil, less the 1/8 cubic foot needed to fill the container.

I am waiting for the grass to grow and trying to figure out where to keep all that soil and seed. Now that I think about it, I outsmarted myself into buying alot of seed and soil.

I hope this is not a double-whammy. I hope I can grow grass in a container!!!

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