Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outsmarting Myself Vol 3

This seems to be a recurring theme with me.  I seem to be able to outsmart myself more often than most people.  Or maybe I just like to share these experiences. 

I have a total of 5 email addresses and have addresses on 6 sites that I belong to.  So that is a total of 11 ploaces to check for emails.  One of those places is gmail.  I was playing around trying to make things work my way, we all know that I like to get my way.  And even with my computer, I usually do.  I customize my computer and my web places so that each page links to all the others.  I even type one blog and it posts on all my pages.  So the other day I realized that I can get my gamil to send copies of all my gmail to one of my yahoo accounts.  So I did.  Then a couple of days later I was messing around and I found out that I can import all my contacts and mail from all my emial addresses to gmail.  Can you figure it out yet?

So the next time I went to check my yahoo email and there were only 399 new emails.  Funny I had checked earlier that day and opened all the new email.  What happened is that first gmail went to all my addresses and copied all the mail to my gmail account.  Then gmail sent copies of those copies to my yahoo account.

And all the copies of each email (some had 4) had the original date on them.  I took forever to clean up that mess. 

Sometimes I am too smart for my own good.


Ripper Arts said...

Just now finding your blog and following!

LoveClay said...

wow that sounds like alot well atleast there is a mass delete button :)
I was curious to know how you linked your blogger to update on other sites, i've been trying to do that but I wasn't sure what sites I could link to.. could you further explain a bit? it would be so helpful, thanks!

umm you can email me a response if you'd like @