Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday's Cat Antics

Larry and I have 2 cats that share our apartment. Spaz and Smokie are sisters. Spaz is the older of the two sisters. She was 1 litter before Smokie. And she comes by her name honestly. I don't remember what we originally named her, but it didn't fit her personality as well as "Spastic" does. We just call her "Spaz".

We lived in a trailer with his then 16-year-old son when Spaz was young. Trailers are designed lengthwise so that you could walk in a basically straight line from one end to the other. You may have to move a few feet to one side or the other between rooms. We used the master bedroom which was at one end of the trailer and Larry Jr used the room at the opposite end. The master bathroom was at the end of the trailer and it had a large garden tub. Walking from one end of the trailer to the other, you would start in the master bath, go thru the master bedroom, down a short hall, move about 4 feet to the right and go thru the kitchen, thru the living room, down the hall and Larry Jr's doorway was at the end of the hall.

We would be relaxing, watching TV in bed and Spaz would come streaking in from the kitchen. She would cross over the foot of the bed and go into the bathroom where she would do a couple of laps in the tub. When she left the bathroom she didn't have enough speed to cross on the bed so she just ran out of the bedroom and thru the kitchen, thru the living room, down the hall and then we would hear a loud thump before she headed back. She would do this 3 or 4 times and then sit down as if nothing had happened.

We always wondered what the thump was but couldn't figure it out. Until one day when Larry Jr saw her as she came down the hall. She would start banking up the wall about 2 feet from his door and run across the door, making a thump, then bank down to the floor and keep going. I guess she realized that she would lose more speed if she just turned around. As it was, she barely slowed down at the end of the hall.

Of course when we figured it out and she heard us laughing at her, she quit doing it (at least when we were home).

I already know next weeks story. So check back next Friday to find out what Smokie has done.

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