Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Buy From Other Etsy Shops?

That's a good question, isn't it?   I mean, you are in business to make money.  Why would you want to spend it before you make it.  Chances are that you are not one of the shops that is making money hand over fist.  You could even be a new shop with no sales yet.  If your upbringing was anything like mine you are probably making sacrifices until your shop can pay for itself.

You can't afford to buy things right now, right?   Wrong!   

                                                You can't afford NOT to!

When you buy from another shop get more than just the product you purchased.

Counter top wine stopper holder by balsampondsdesign's

1) You have just made a connection for your network.  You have connected with 1 other shop owner.  That other shop owner has connections too.   People who look at the sales from the other shop will see your information.  This is how you start making connections.

2) You will get Feedback.  It won't be feedback about your product, but it will reflect on your business reputation.  The feedback you leave for your purchase will also let others know a little bit about your business practices.

3) You have learned several things.  You have learned the steps your buyers will be taking when they buy from your shop.   When you receive your purchase you will learn how that shop packages their sales.  You learn what it feels like to wait for your package. 

Floral Earrings in Lavender and Green by theearringboutique

4) You have created Goodwill.  Goodwill is defined as an intangible asset which provides a competitive advantage, such as a strong brand, reputation, or high employee morale.  Your business needs Goodwill to survive.

5) You have that wonderful item that you purchased.

When you consider the price you are paying for the item you purchase and then add in all the little extras that you gain, you got a real bargain.

I would love comments on this subject.  I know that there are many more advantages to purchasing form other shops.  I could not think of any disadvantages.

 Thank you to BalsamPondsDesigns and TheEarringBoutique for the use of your pictures.

***Remember that if you follow my blog and you do NOT want your pictures used in my blog posts, you need to let me know.  Otherwise all pictures from your Etsy shop are fair game.****


Heather's Haven said...

I like buying supplies from other sellers. Since I'll be buying them anyway, I prefer to support another small business.
I've learned a lot from other business practices, like the one seller who sent me a convo telling me she recieved my order, that was so reassuring that I've adopted the practice myself.
Being able to link to a shop either from your listing or from your blog is also a great way to boost google hits, not to mention a really nice way to promote the shops you buy from.
If I'm looking for something in particular, I alwasy check Etsy first.

Amanda said...

I love buying from other artists- there's just such a wide array of items to choose from, it's amazing what you can find out there!

I do tend to wander through shop connections too- who hearted me, and who those shops have hearted... And lots of times many beyond that! I love that I can find SO many different artists and talents that way :)

Great blog post too!! Thanks!!

waterwaif said...

I LOVE buying both supplies AND art from other sellers. Whenever I need anything, I check etsy and even twitter first. Everything you said is spot on, Cheryl.

DeanDesigns said...

I try to buy anything I can from other Etsy shops in an effort to help promote both of us!!! I like the idea!!!

Although I will say that there are quite a few things that I just do not have the money for!!!! (at least at the moment)!!

Vanessa said...

Love it! Great post Cheryl and all of it very true! I try my hardest to buy supplies from other Etsy shops too! Such a wonderful way to help each other out!

Carol said...

Thanks for hit. I also love buying from other shops. Mostly supplies. Have a great day and thanks again.