Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorial: How to Prepare Your Item For Treasuries

Treasuries are a huge promotional tool for Etsians.  There are some shops whose items are featured all the time.  Some shops never have items in a Treasury.  If you are part of the second group, do you know why?  And do you want to know how to become a member of the first group?

Up In the Clouds Earrings By Baily Belle Creations

This series of articles started as a tutorial type blog post but there is just too much information fo a blog post.  Each post in the series will discuss tips that will raise the odds of your item being included in a Treasury.  Most of these tips will also help you make sales because buyers are looking at the same things that a Treasury curator looks at.  I will be using "Awareness" as my theme for examples, but you can substitute any theme that your items fit in and follow the tips using that theme.

Tags Part 1
I make at least 2 Awareness Treasuries a week.  That is over 100 Treasuries a year.  I average about 10 a month.  That means that I need 160 items each month for my Treasuries.  I know there are many Awareness items out there but I don't have time to look through over 5,600,000 items on Etsy to find your item.  So how do I narrow the search to a more acceptable number? TAGS!

One of the most important tips is tagging your items well.  When I narrow the search with the tag "Awareness" will your item be included?  If not, you will probably never be in an Awareness Treasury.  That tag is the most important tag for the Awareness Ribbon items.  That is the tag buyers use when looking for something to purchase and when someone, like me, is looking for items to fill a Treasury. The tag "Ribbon" can encompass items that have nothing to do with Awareness.  So it is not an effective search tag for these purposes.

Purple Pow Wow Bow by Fruit of the Bloom

You need to identify the most important tag that specifically fits your item.  I am not talking about "jewelry" or "bracelet".  Those tags are a given.  All bracelets fit in those tags.  Is there a special category or use that describes your item.  How can it be used as a general tag?

Cobalt and Copper Necklace and Earrings by Artisan Originals

Is your item tagged using the most applicable tags?  There are around 5,500 items tagged with "Awareness".  Sometimes I am looking for a more specific theme.  Under the category Awareness the themes are generally cause or color oriented.  You need to have some of those tags as well.  What are the themes that could apply to your item?  You need to identify them and make sure that you tag for them.

When you tag your items remember to use tags that potential buyers and Treasury curators will be using when they search for your item.  Use a good mix of general and specific tags.

The next topic I will address within the subject of tags is "Colors".


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