Saturday, July 4, 2009

Airlines Can Be Fun

I have mentioned before that I have Epilepsy and that I speak publicly to help end the stigma associated with Epilepsy and to help spread Awareness.  I flew to Reno on July 1 to address a group there.  I have several problems with flying.  First is the fact that I don't mind the flying part.  The taking off and landing are a different story.  

Now thanks to 911 there is so much more security to deal with.  And have the rules changed since the last time I flew.  And airports and airplanes are not the most comfortable places in the world.  To top things off, my husband had his hip replacement earlier this year. 

Add to all that the difficulties that my husband and I had the last time we flew.  I won't name the airline but just think about the letters associated with our great country.  We even turned in our frequent flyer miles from that airline because neither one of us will ever willingly set foot on their plane again. 

We anticipated a long, rough day trying to deal with the flight crew.  Was I ever in for a pleasant surprise.  I am from the South, but have not flown Southwest in several years. 

I want everyone to know that my flights to and from Reno on Southwest Airlines were 2 of the most pleasant things that I have done this year.  I am partial to the flightcrew we had going to Reno, maybe because one of the flight attendants was from my home state, Texas.  Maybe it was the way they sang the safety announcements.  Maybe it was the casual yet professional way that they interacted with all the passengers.  They acted as if we were friends at a social event.  OMG, the flight attendants treated us as if our comfort and pleasure were the reason that they were there.   That has not happened on an airplane in I don't know how long.  We were treated to Customer Service with a smile and a song.  What better way to start your trip?

I did get their names, but I don't feel comfortable putting that in my blog.  I will be notifying their home office. 

If you have to fly somewhere, and Southwest can get you there, you should care enough about your comfort to try to fly on Southwest Airlines.  I think that in the future I will fly Southwest as far as I can then walk the rest of the way.  Maybe not, but that's how much I enjoyed myself.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much! I REALLY enjoyed chatting with you & your hubby on the way to Reno!! I will be browsing your store too. I hope your speaking engagement went well. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other on good ole' SWA again looks like you might be back again! :-) It was a pleasure!
With LUV,
"The girl from Texas"