Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snowflakes are Addicting! Beware!

This past week I have promised myself every morning when I got up that I would catch up on my blog subscriptions and blog myself.  Then I get started on those ding-dang beaded snowflakes and the next thing I know it is 2 AM.   And I haven't read any of my favorite blogs and I have not blogged.  There is something addicting about those snowflakes.  They are just too cool to make.  I am even thinking about a way to use them to make a bracelet and a necklace.  I try all sorts of color combinations and patterns.  And then I start with one pattern and change it half-way through.  I just get lost in doing them.  I need to start selling them so that I can afford to make more.   

All the snowflakes start out the same.  Usually six beads in a circle and run the thread through the circle again and tie it off.  Then you just add beads at each of the six intervals as you go around the ring.  I am even getting lost describing how to make them.  I want to make more!!

I don't have time for anything except the snowflakes.  I try to play a computer game, but I stop between rounds to make a snowflake. 

Sorry, but I gotta go make me some more snowflakes!!!

I have some ideas about how to have extra time whenever you need it.  I'll share them with you next time.  I have to try out my idea to see if it works.

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