Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 2 Sons

I keep promising to post regularly, but life keeps getting in the way.

We had a tense few hours last week.  Both of my husbands sons are in the military and both are in Afghanistan.  I received a call from my step-daughter about an injury sustained by Ken (the oldest). For about 1 hour (I checked the phone log, cuz I thought it was 3-5) all we knew was that he had been injured and that he was OK. We finally got the details. His armoured vehicle ran over a mine. He got out right away but went back in for the other guys.  He said he had to because they were just kids and needed his help.   He had a concussion, neck and back injuries and he inhaled the chemical in the fire extinguisher.

His brother, Larry Jr, called a couple of days later.  All he heard was that his brother was injured.  His Dad explained the accident and the extent of Ken's injuries.

As a rule, I do not like to impose my political views on others and don't want theirs.  This is not a forum for politics.  I was not going to put this type of topic in my blog because I know that some are against us being in Afghanistan.  The right or wrong is not what this is about.

This post is about 2 boys that I care about and the danger that they are in.  Please take a moment (regardless of you opinion of the military) and pray that these 2 boys and all their companions in the service come home to their loved ones. 

Thank you



TilleyHouse07 said...

Cheryl I'm sorry to hear bout Ken, he will be in our prayers & so will Larry Jr.

andrea creates said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-
Sorry to hear about all the things going on with your family in the military.Hope they are all doing well.
Take care~