Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have had a fun couple of weeks.  The computer that I was using was about 6 years old.  I have been babying it for about 6 months.  All of a sudden about 3 weeks ago it really started acting up.  I started trying to organize my files so that I could take them off the hard drive.  I was also using the computer constantly for my store.  I was editing pictures and writing item descriptions for several items that I needed to list in my store.  And  finally one morning I told my husband that all I was going to do that day was copy files to a flash drive so that I could load them on his computer.  This idea worked for about 20 minutes.  Then right in the middle of copying a file, my computer had a nervous breakdown 

I had no idea how my life was going to be affected.   My husband, Larry, shared his computer with me and even though he let me use it whenever I wanted, I couldn't get the things done that I needed to.  His computer has Windows Vista and I had to learn how to use Windows Vista.  I am still working on that.   I take control of my computer not the other way around.  I tell the computer when to look for updates.  And I don't allow it to do its own thing in the background.  If you knew how many processes your computer was running (that it does not need to run) you would be amazed.  Your computer is always checking with software publishers for updates and such.  I don't need it to do that 10 times a day when I don't use that program more than 3 times a year.  Google Earth checks for updates every 20 minutes.  That is why it is no longer on my computer.
All my Internet links are lost.  I took about an hour trying to recreate as many as I could.  I recreated about 5% of them.  I guess I will get them back as I need them.

All the pictures for my store are gone too.  I am going to try to find out if I can download them from the site.  I like to have a historical log of my creations.  And quite a few are items that I make regularly.

On the plus side, my new computer is real fast.  And the tower is more compact.  Before I set it up, I put together my new computer desk.  So my desk is really clean now.  And the new desk does NOT have cubbyholes for me to fill.  This corner looks alot less cluttered.

I will quit crying over the spilt milk for awhile.  Until I need something that was lost.

Please excuse the shouting but I do have one thing to say about all of this:


Have a good day

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