Friday, January 8, 2010

Awareness Treasuries

Occasionally in your life you will start doing something for one reason and then that something takes on its own personality and its own life.  It evolves into something different, not what you originally planned.  This new life and personality can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The Awareness Treasuries that I have been creating are a good example of something that takes on a new life, a new purpose. 

I have been trying to find a way to promote Epilepsy Awareness through my Awareness Jewelry.  When I started making Treasuries I included my favorite Epilepsy Awareness pieces from my shop. The Treasury was a way for me to exhibit my creations.  Usually the other items in the Treasury had nothing to do with Epilepsy Awareness, or even Awareness for that matter.

Slowly the nature of my Awareness Treasuries began to change.  At first I was proud of myself for including Awareness pieces from other shops along side mine.  I liked the way my Awareness creations looked in the company of  Awareness creations made by other artists.

My treasuries were even growing in popularity.  That is a good thing.  The purpose of Treasuries is to showcase items from different artists with the objective being to increase the visibility of the items.  As the views of the Treasury increase so does the visibility.

I can't pinpoint the date that my Treasuries took on a life of their own.  One day I was just trying to showcase my own Awareness Jewelry for the purpose of increased sales and the next day I was on a one woman mission to change the way the world (at least the Etsy world) feels about Awareness.  

It is no longer about showcasing a piece of mine in order to increase my sales.  Now it is about the need to have everyone talking "Awareness".  Epilepsy Awareness is still my number one because Epilepsy is so much a part of who I am.  But I want everybody to take notice of each and every Awareness Cause.  

When I started making Treasuries I kept viewing the Treasury to see how well everyone liked it.  I checked my Analytics to determine if my shop views had increased.  I still view my Treasuries a few times a day, but I haven't checked my shop views in a while.  I want to read the comments because so many people share the reason for their interest in Awareness.  Everyone has a family member or a close friend whose life is affected by  an illness, condition or disease.  We all find a way to get through life despite it.  We do NOT give in to  whatever it is that is trying to hold us back.  

If you want to help me promote Awareness please visit my Treasuries.  Clicking on each item in the Treasury and leaving a comment does three very important things.  First it increases the rank of the Treasury, and that is how a Treasury gets noticed.  Second (this is for you), you will see 12 original pieces of art, some functional, some just pretty, but all supporting Awareness.  Third (this is for me), I like to be filled with emotion when I read how you or a someone close to you is overcoming their situation.. 

If you want to be notified when I have a new Treasury all you have to do is follow my blog.  I post each Awareness Treasury here as soon as I can.   

Please remember that Awareness and Awareness Causes are important to each and every one of us. 


Serene Low said...


Thank you so much for the #FF in twitter. I just joined in your Followers list in your blog. Your way of promoting epilepsy awareness is definitely unique, beautiful, practical and awesome. All noble ways of promoting epilepsy awareness must be fully backed and supported by everyone in society. I am for your cause.

Serene Low (Epilepsy Activist, Malaysia)

cindylouwho2 said...

What a fabulous idea! Keep up the good work