Sunday, January 3, 2010

Personalized Facebook Landing Page Courtesy of The Curious Pug

I browse through the Etsy forums from time to time looking for a thread that might interest me.  This title certainly caught my eye: "I made a tutorial on how to make a welcome Tab for your Facebook Fan Page".  I loved that concept so I checked out the links provided in the thread.

It seems to be a real simple thing to do.  All I really needed to do was design the graphics for my page, then follow a set of directions.  I can do that.  Well  if you read some of my blog entries you know that I like to outsmart myself.  I designed the graphics for my page and followed the directions.  (this is the part where I outsmart myself).

I could get the graphics loaded but the part about embedding a link in the page to take fans to my Etsy shop took them to the picture in my Picassa web album. I beat my head against the wall for about 4 hours. No matter what I did I couldn't fix it.  I even went back and read the post (instead of just skimming the highlights).   I finally sent The Curious Pug an email.    In the reply she went so far as to type up the exact code so that all I had to do was replace the picture information.  This is where you learn that if you are following a computer code verbatum, it may be a good idea to do just that.

After an hour I had just about decided that my fans would appreciate visiting my web album instead of my store.  The only difference between what I used and What she used was that the Pug used Photobucket,, so I uploaded my Graphics to Photobucket and that fixed it.  I guess it has to do with the way Picassa links back to the picture.  But it works now.  Check it out.

Here is a link to the post in The Curious Pug's Blog:

My next blog post will be an interview with The Curious Pug.   I will have information on upcoming tutorials on her blog.  Look for it within the next couple of days. 

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