Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thursday Treasury Tips - Treasury 101

Before I joined my first team I didn't know much about Treasuries.  I knew they existed.  I knew I had never been in one. That was the extent of my knowledge. 

A Treasury is basically a poster that shows 12 items from different Etsy Artists chosen by a Curator. Sometimes there is a theme (Valentine's Day, Green things), sometimes the items are just things the curator likes and sometimes the items are from shops that are friends or teammates of the curator. Treasuries only last 48 to 72 hours.

Etsy has an application called "Poster Sketch" that is the first step in creating a Treasury.  This is the link:  http://www.etsy.com/poster_sketch.php.  When you have chosen an item that you want to include in your Treasury, open the Poster Sketch.  Then enter the item number in the one of 16 boxes on the poster sketch and press OK. Do this for all 16 items.  You can drag the pictures around to set them up in any order you like.   You can click on the copy button at the bottom of the page and it puts the item numbers on your clipboard.  I paste that in notepad or Word and then make a list of the numbers from it.  I think it is easier to cut and paste into the Treasury that way.

Now you are ready to "fish" for a Treasury.  Check the Craftopolis Treasury clock at this address: http://www.craftopolis.com/index.php?com=tc.  

Be sure that you are signed in to Etsy.  (Don't ask how I know to remind you).  Remember that the time till the Treasury opens is approximate.  I have seen it take an hour longer and I have seen it go an hour or even two quicker.  The closer it gets the more often I check.  When it gets within 20 to 30 Treasuries I open a window with just the Treasury lists and I go back to it every few minutes if I am doing other things on the computer.  Sometimes I get out a project that needs work and just watch the open window.

Sometimes as it gets close a bunch of people will cancel their Treasuries in order to get one in the new batch.  I have seen 10 to 20 people cancel their Treasuries in a matter of 5 minutes.  That does not include the ones that were scheduled to expire during that time.

When the number gets to 340 on Main or 230 on West, I do not leave my seat. Keep looking at the time left on the individual Treasuries due to expire to figure an approximate time. I can just about guarantee that if you leave the computer a bunch of people will cancel and the Treasury will open and you won't get one.

When the number hits 332 for Main and 221 for West  you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page immediately.  You will see this:

Enter the name you have chosen for your Treasury where "Bright and Beautiful" is entered on this form, and click enter.  Then complete the Treasury like the Poster sketch.

When I am done with the Treasury I click on each photo and when the item opens in the other window I click on contact shopowner and send the shop owner a convo to let them know they are in a Treasury.  The shopowner will usually click and comment on your Treasury and they will usually inform their "network" that they are featured in a Treasury and some of them will click and comment too.

That is Treasury 101.

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