Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exciting Sales from the Trade-A-Holics Team on Etsy

The Trade-A-Holics are having 2 sales Back-to-Back.

The first is the Trade N' Stay event that starts tomorrow and ends on Monday.  As soon as it ends the $5.00 sale starts and runs for a  week. 

I participated in my first Trade N Stay (TnS) in December and it was a blast.  You do NOT need to be a team member to participate.  You need to have a shop on Etsy with inventory because that is how you will pay for things.  There is a forum thread on Etsy with the names of the shops that are on the list.  You arrange a trade with one of those shops and your shop gets put on the list.  And once you are on the list, you will stay there until the end of the event.  There are some guidelines for courtesy Trading 101 that you should read here:

The $5.00 sale is just what it says.  Shops participating in the sale will have items in their shops that are $5.00 or less.  I will post the link to the thread with the list of shops in my Shop Announcement as soon as I get it.

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