Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Day

May 29, 2009 - Friday

Well they say "another day, another dollar". You would think that inflation would have that up to a $20 bill.

One thing that is cool and not-cool about crafting and making things is that you are always ahead of the holiday schedule. It is already time to start working on Christmas Crafts. Wow, it's kinda hard to think about Christmas when it is late May in Nevada. I have 4 months of the most intense heat to look forward to. How do you make things with PENGUINS, Santa, snowmen, silver bells, Nativity scenes and all that other cold stuff when it is difficult to walk outside because the heat takes your breath away.

I may even try to get on the ball for some 4th of July stuff. Although it is a little late to think about making it. Most people have already completed most of theirs.

At least I have 2 great trips in the near future. I get to go to Reno and speak on July 1st to support Epilepsy Awareness. And I have a good friend in Reno that I haven't seen in about 9 years. We met when she lived in Kingsville. Boy we had a lot of fun. She worked in the bar where I spent all my time. She even got me a job bartending there. That's where Larry and I met.

Then in September I get to leave the heat of Vegas to spend 3 days in Atlanta GA at a summit meeting. I will get to see alot of friends there that I usually only see once a year. And it will be 18 months since we got together. The only problem is that there are sooooooo many meetings and focus groups and other stuff that you can't relax, much less socialize. It ends up being alot of stress.

But I love it. Going to the summit each year enables me to speak publicly to spread the word and support Epilepsy Awareness. It is also kind of reassuring to hang out with people who really understand what I have been through. They have all been through it to. Some to a lesser extent and some greater. But it helps us form a bond of kinship.

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