Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OOPS! Don't sit there!

This is going to be quick. I have been promising myself for over a year that I would get new glasses. My subconcious got tired of the empty promises and took matters into its own hands. I sat on my glasses and broke them beyond repair. I had an eye exam today and ordered new glasses. Due to my astigmatism and other "specialness" I will be without glasses until Saturday afternoon.

I guess that is one way to get me off the computer for a few days. "See" ya Saturday.


sweetpeabyjk said...

Have fun at the eye doc! I always think that picking out new frames is the hardest thing to do! And they are so darn expensive!

Carol said...

I started wearing glasses a year ago. I think I look smarter. Do not reply I don't want to have a reality check. Smile