Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snowflakes and Christmas Things

I am reposting this to add a link to my discussion page and a photo with additional snowflakes. There are 6 different snowflakes. What do you think about the different colors? Which is your favorite? Do you have any suggestions for other colors? Or for other items?

Follow this link to the discussion page. And thanks for your opinion!

I am working on some Christmas items and I need your opinion. These snowflakes are a little larger than a quarter and I am thinking of using them for earrings or a pendant. I made three different colors. One is silver with light blue, one is silver with dark blue and the last is light blue with dark blue. Which do you like the best? Would you like to see a different color used?

I have mentioned earlier that one thing I like about crafting is that you have to be ahead of the calendar. So summer is the time to start thinking about what to make for Christmas. And believe me when you live in Nevada that can be difficult. We have cleared 100 for the past 2 days (103 today) and the weekend promises to be at least 106. Merry Christmas? Somehow the mood just isn't working yet!

I am getting kind of excited because this will be the first holiday season that my store has been open. Right before I broke my glasses I was on a roll making jewelry in red and green. And I had about 4 ideas that I was going to make. Then 1 week without eyes and I forgot what I intended to do. Oh well, I will make something better than the whatever. And I know that I will like it more.

Are any of my crafty friends working on the holidays yet?

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